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Keep Content Current

One of the most difficult tasks facing a webmaster is keeping the information on a website current.  EVERYONE of us face the same problem; what information on our website is no longer valid for the current context? 

There are several things that you can do to help.

Organize your data with known expiration dates accordingly

If you have information that you know is fleeting in nature then organize it in your data so you can easily recognize it later.  Even if you have some things that are longer duration.  One example might be a logo or an announcement that applies for an entire year.  But at the end of the year it needs to expire.

Remove 30th Anniversary Logo30th Anniversary no more

It is worth noting that 2007 was the 30th anniversary of GWRRA, but it is not 2007 any more.  Why is this important?  Out of date information on our websites will cause our visitors to stop trusting the site, and thus they will stop visiting.  A good and up-to-date website can make your chapter much easier to deal with because your chapter members will always know where to go to find pertinent information.  So I strongly suggest that you remove from your website (and your newsletters) the 30th anniversary logo.

File Not Found - 404Confirm Your Links

Please check to make sure that the links that you have on your website point to where you think they should.  I have visited several chapter websites lately that have obviously not checked the links even within their own pages.  It is very frustrating for a site visitor to select a link for a newsletter or special photographs or an article, only to find that they are facing the error page for the web-browser indicating that the page cannot be found.  It is also very similar when you are dealing with images that are contained on page.

Alabama District
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