Alabama District

Minimum Content for a GWRRA Website

For now I want to revise something that I said last month.  After doing extensive review of all of the websites that we have available in Alabama and a bunch of others in other districts as well, I have come up with “my recommendations” regarding minimum content.  In addition to the minimum content I am suggesting where that content should be or at least where links should be provided so the visitor can easily find that content.

Before I describe that minimum content let me explain a couple of things.

Unexpected Audience

First, the site visitor does not know your site.  They have more than likely been to many other sites before they got to your site and they don't understand your way of thinking.  So what does this mean, you have to make things dumb and obvious.  There is an old saying you should keep in mind, KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid).

Remember your site visitors don't know your chapter.  In many cases your visitors will not even know what a chapter is.  They will also not know what city or state in which you meet.

Now let's talk about that minimum content.

On the Front- or Home-page

  • GWRRA or Gold Wing Road Riders Association
  • Chapter Designation (ex, Chapter AL-W)
  • Chapter Nickname (if any)
  • City and State (remember what I said earlier about people not knowing)
  • Date / Time and Location of Chapter Meeting (Date might be described either as literal date or as something like second Tuesday).

On the Front- or Home-page graphics should include:

  • Chapter Logo
  • GWRRA Logo

On the Front- or Home-page there should be a link to or the actual content

Alabama District
Gold Wing Road Riders Association