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Chapter Logos Displayed on District Website

Some of the new pages on the District website (mainly in the "Chapters" area) will display your Chapter's logo if they are available.  So how do you make them available?

First, your chapter must have a website.  Second, some special graphic files must be defined in the root (or base) folder of your website.  These files must be of type GIF, they must always be defined as square (or equal in height and width), they must have special names, and they must follow the size rules that match the names.

Before we get into the details don't panic.  If you don't know how to do some of this or you don't have the software tools that are needed, we are more than willing to help you.

Have you ever visited a certain website and noticed that in the address line (the place that starts with http://www) that the icon to the left of the http:// is now some special picture that is unique to that website.  That is actually very simple to do if you have an icon editor.  As part of doing this you may very well end up with a special icon for YOUR website.  If your website places a file in the root folder named "favicon.ico" that has some special pictures (icons) within, then the web browsers will start picking up that file and using it.

Our logo display uses a very similar philosophy to that of favicon.ico.  All files are GIF format using a transparent background.  The files are all named as "favicon##.gif" where the ## is a number representing the equal height and width values.  As an example, favicon64.gif is a 64 pixel wide and 64 pixel high GIF file.  You can create the following files:

  • favicon32.gif - not used real frequently because of the small size
  • favicon48.gif
  • favicon64.gif
  • favicon96.gif
  • favicon128.gif

It is worth mentioning that the chapter website that we search for is defined in a pseudo database that is maintained by Mike Chapman[Mike:Chapman].  That information is provided by the various Chapter directors.  If the information is wrong then we will not be able to display your logo.

We do a standard http request on your website to display the logo file.  Which file depends upon the need or application of the page that we are displaying at the time.

If you are having problems or have questions you can contact the webmaster[webmaster].


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